The first thing that we see in a house are its windows and doors. Perhaps you have been thinking about replacing your windows and doors for a long time but haven’t gotten around to doing it or worried that it would cost too much. If that’s the case, then our services here at MEREAG are the solution. Whether you have slatted, louvred or overhead windows, our professionals are trained to help.

Professional window & door installers in Melbourne

Our team can make your home more beautiful and efficient by performing door installations and replacement/repair services.

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With years of experience in the field, our team have pretty much seen it all and developed some strong problem solving skills along the way. We have the skills to match your vision and make recommendations. We do so within the shortest amount of time possible to avoid inconveniencing you and at a low cost so you can experience high-quality service without breaking the budget. We offer a wide range of materials, from high-end woods to inexpensive aluminiums.

Whatever product you choose, we promise that they will be high-quality and most importantly, durable. In advising our clients on material choices, we always take a holistic approach towards the home and make sure that any additions look cohesive. Aesthetics are important but so is your safety so our team also focuses on choosing the right materials to protect you from intruders who may try and enter the home through doors and windows.

What services do we provide

We work with a full range of materials and designs for door/window installations, replacements and repairs. Our services include: changing the shape of doors, replacing hinges, maintaining and replacing closers, adjusting doors, making mosquito nets, retrofits for shuttered windows and more. Whatever it may be, we are here to help.

Sliding Windows

We install sliding windows with aluminium frames that are easy and convenient to use. They are a good alternative to heavier wooden ones. Along with good visibility and light, this style is attractive and provides superior ventilation. Unlike wood, aluminium requires little to no upkeep as it does not crack or warp. It can withstand even the most severe weather conditions without corroding. Additionally, to ensure that this style of window slides smoothly, we install a high-quality roller system.

Double Sash Windows

Double sash windows are appealing to customers who appreciate simplicity and class. Their classic design matches almost any home and they let in a large amount of natural light, reducing your energy bill.

Double-Leaf Windows

Double-leaf windows have not lost their popularity over the years due to their stylish appearance and functionality. We offer this style in both standard and unique colours and can fit them with locks if additional security is needed.

Louvre Windows

Louvre windows provide optimal sun protection and controlled ventilation. Along with maximum airflow, they allow you to keep your home or office safe. Their contemporary design also makes them an appealing option.

Frameless Windows

Frameless windows can be safely attributed to new glazing technologies. The absence of sashes creates maximum convenience for their owners. Stylish models provide fresh air and panoramic views. The smooth movement of the panes is guaranteed for both horizontal and vertical opening.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are one of the most desired styles that we offer here at Mearag. They are popular for creating a sense of spaciousness, accentuating a home’s natural surroundings and for increasing ventilation and airflow. Their openness has the ability to minimise the disconnect between the inside and outside world and they reduce the need for artificial light during the day-time.

We provide the complete quality window & door installations Melbourne’s builders and renovators need. We work to your specifications for the perfect custom window and door installation.

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