What could be better than returning to a clean home after a hard day of work. Our customers use our services because they often lack the time and energy to do it themselves. Let us take care of the dirty work for you, we promise you won’t regret it. Our team follows the strictest hygiene standards and exclusively work with certified products to protect your home and the environment‘s health. Each house is different and it is important for us to adapt to its features and owner’s rhythm of life. Therefore, we always work around your schedule to make sure the process is as stress-free as possible. Relax, because by the time you are home from work, our specialists will have already finished cleaning.

The cleaning team in Yarraville caters to all your home and office cleaning needs, no matter what condition the premises are in.

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Our ability to effectively provide high-quality service has allowed us to build a strong base of loyal customers and their grateful reviews motivate our team to work even harder to improve. We understand that opening your home to strangers can be daunting. However, our business promises the strictest standard of confidentiality and security to give you some peace of mind. We have developed our own special, step-by-step cleaning program that pays greater attention to detail than most to achieve amazing standards of cleanliness. Additionally, we offer our premium cleaning services at affordable prices so that you can start the journey to a perfectly clean home today.

Regular cleaning

If you find that your home has accumulated dust and dirt, regular cleaning will allow you to enjoy cleanliness and freshness all year round. The cleaning team in Yarraville will save you time and effort. No matter what material your floors are made of, we’ll clean and vacuum them so that they look brand new again. You can look forward to returning to a clean and tidy home on a regular basis. We can clean kitchen surfaces, couches or work in the bathroom to safely disinfect toilets and sinks.

At your request, we can clean pretty much anything including household appliances, cutlery and bedsheets and make the bed.
Of course, every family has their own cleaning needs and you can decide how often you need our services. We will be happy to work according to your schedule. Since everyone‘s rhythm and lifestyle is different, some areas in the house may require special attention. For example, the kitchen and bathroom are often dirtier than other rooms or perhaps you have pets. We can provide personalised cleaning services depending on your needs.

Carpet and upholstery cleaning

Carpet cleaning is not as easy as it may seem. Not all cleaners know how to do it efficiently and without damage to the structure of the canvas. Our cleaners, however, specialise in this area and after treatment, they will not only be cleaner, fresher and softer, but also experience a number of additional benefits such as: lasting longer, eliminating allergens, and staying clean longer. Most often, carpet cleaning is only used when dirt is visible. However, this is wrong because they accumulate dust and hide it, increasing the likelihood of respiratory diseases. Our cleaners use unique cleaning systems to remove harmful particles to keep your home safe.

Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning can be an extremely laborious process, prompting you to put it off until much later and causing an even greater mess in the mean time as dust and dirt accumulate. Perhaps you’ve recently had a party, or you’re moving into a different house, or maybe you’ve recently finished renovating – all of these possibilities mean one thing in common, the house needs a good scrubbing. Our cleaning team in Yarraville can finish this task in just one day. We will do it quickly and efficiently with as many employees as needed. Payment for services will be made by the hour and you can will plan the volumes and number of hours for cleaning. By the time we are finished, you will forget why you put it off for so long!

Cleaning after the expiration of a rental agreement

We know that real estate managers require properties to be returned in proper condition at the end of a lease. Dirty apartments can get in the way of receiving your deposit back. We will prepare the space for the next tenant to help you get your money back. Your cleaning chores will become ours so that you have more time to focus on your next move.

The landlord will be impressed by the cleanliness of the floors, windows, surfaces, cabinets and drawers, as well as the seams in the kitchen and bathroom. If they have complaints, we promise to clean your space again free of charge within 72 hours. We work 7 days a week so you can choose any date and time at your convenience.

Experienced professionals use innovative methods with the help of professional tools and detergents to achieve the best results.

Why Book A Professional Cleaning Service With Us?

If you’re wondering if it’s time to give us a call, take a look at the condition of your property. Our customers use our services because they often lack the time and energy to do it themselves. Let us take care of the dirty work for you, we promise you won’t regret it.

Your upholstered furniture is also vulnerable to harbouring these harmful dust particles. However, our cleaning services at Mearag guarantee to perform an effective, deep clean on your furniture to prevent this whilst ridding of that stains from oil and dirt. We do so whilst making sure that the fabric doesn’t discolour or shrink. The methods we use soften and beautify fabrics and take only one to two hours to dry.

Why choose us:

  • we do high-quality cleaning using the best tools and equipment
  • we complete work in a timely-manner
  • we use environmentally-friendly materials
  • our staff are friendly and polite
  • our prices are affordable and you can choose services according to your budget
  • we guarantee a 100% deposit refund to the tenant

After our cleaning, not only will you enjoy your space more, but you will save time and energy by leaving the dirty work to us. Contact us today to experience the joy of a MEREAG clean home.

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